Connect and build trust with your customers (Part 2)

To build trust, you must always give first. Sometimes you need to give some information about yourself first or do something for them without any strings attached or provide them information about a competitor you respect. Whatever it is, you must show that you are there to go above and beyond and not talking to them just to get another deal or order from them.

  Friday, October 15, 2021       Blog

Connect and build trust with your customers (Part 1)

Whatever the size of your business, you know that success depends on building relationships with customers. But how can you build trust in an authentic way? Here are four strategies.

  Friday, October 15, 2021       Blog

2 strategies to beat your competition with “big company thinking"

For someone looking to grow your business sales, competition is a key thing to keep in mind. There are always alternatives for your customers – and this is a sales fact. However much you differentiate and have uniqueness in your products and services, you know (and expect) that your customer will always ask to compare your quote to a competitor’s.

  Wednesday, October 01, 2021       Blog

Is your business not growing as expected or not able to deliver as well as before?

Outside of what is going on around us and the hard constraints we face – labor shortages, planning around the pandemic, increased costs, lower demand etc., every small business has unwritten rules that dictate how people behave.

  Wednesday, Aguest 25, 2021       Blog

Don’t Let Uncertainty Paralyze Your Decision-Making

When you’re living in a period of heightened uncertainty, especially as a small business, your normal decision-making processes can break down. You may become paralyzed and afraid to act, or you tend to make quick decisions based on emotions or bias rather than facts.

  Wednesday, March 31, 2021       Blog

4 Ways to Boost Small Business Productivity

We’re all looking for ways to boost small business productivity. The good news is that it’s an achievable goal. Here are a few proven strategies (rules!) to help you get more done in less time:

  Friday, March 12, 2021       Blog

Why track sales calls?

It is very important to track sales calls. Calling and speaking to customers is the only way to close deals. Many salespeople avoid calling because they think it is awkward or that they wouldn’t know what to say if someone picks up their call or that they think calling is not as efficient as emails.

  Saturday, Aguest 29, 2020       Blog

Make a difference to your customers during COVID-19

Now more than ever, your customers need their concerns addressed and questions answered to put their minds at ease. This is particularly true in travel and hospitality, healthcare, health insurance, senior care, and home services, as well as any business that works face-to-face with people during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  Saturday, Aguest 29, 2020       Blog

Understanding is more important than metrics

Sellers are learning to love metrics. You just have to be careful not to love them blindly.

Let me give you an example. In any sales conversation with a buyer, such as a phone call. video call or in-person meeting, it is considered bad form if the salesperson monopolizes the conversation.

  Saturday, Aguest 29, 2020       Blog

How to nail Sales to Customer Success hand-off

We talk extensively about sales and marketing alignment, but we don't talk enough about Sales and customer success alignment. We interviewed Steve Bernstein, author of “Failure Sucks - B2B Guide to Customer Success”. He shares #1 secret about how B2B companies can accelerate profitable growth by aligning Sales and Customer Success.

Sales CRM: What is the best sales process?

Time and again, every organization in B2B sales faces the question of the best sales process they should use. Most of them actually set up their process only once. Some end up tweaking and configuring it every year or so. The answer to the best B2B sales process to use is rather simple...

Road-tested tips for lead generation at conferences

Conferences can end up over-hyped, energy-draining with generic content and few opportunities to make meaningful connections. And that’s a bummer. To avoid that, we all need to work hard for a high conference ROI...

The ONE secret of rainmaker sales teams

A stronger trend developing in many industries nowadays is a disciplined approach to sales from the get go in order to avoid stressful end-of-quarter situations. Sales leaders start designing sales outcomes they need and then work backwards to ensure every week or month is meaningful in revenue generation.

Is CRM different from a Sales CRM? What is Sales CRM?

CRM and Sales CRM are indeed different. Generally, a Sales CRM is a CRM that specifically improves sales results.

Let’s start from the beginning. CRMs have been around for about 20 years.

Sales CRM question: I am a rep, how can I be a great salesperson?

As a practitioner of sales, and especially as someone who talks in public about building great sales machines using Sales CRM systems, I often get asked by reps from client organizations as well as webinar attendees from Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling, “how do I become a great salesperson?” In fact, there are plenty of articles written ...

Get your entire sales team closing more deals in 24 hours

Whoever you are, whatever you do, how much ever money you have or don’t have, however good you are… we all have only 24 hours a day! Those 24 hours that are magically given to us every day whether we ask for it or not… So, now, how are we spending it?


This interview-style podcast featuring Mack Sundaram is presented by Brian Burns, a widely known podcaster, writer and sales leader. In this episode, Mack and Brian talk about the #1 superpower of great sales people – the ability to judge. Not about judging people but about knowing what to spend your time on and which deals to focus on to maximize sales performance. We all know that the judgement skill would require sales people years (and years) to master. How are you going to develop the skill? Through training? By following other sales peoples’ judgement? How about using RainmakerForce Sales AI that is built on millions of B2B sales opportunity records. Listen to this episode on THE BRUTAL TRUTH ABOUT B2B SALES & SELLING – Get the #1 superpower of top performers in B2B sales.

How to Win in the Perfect Storm of B2B Sales

This interview-style podcast featuring Mack Sundaram is presented by Brian Burns, a widely known podcaster, writer and sales leader. In this episode, Mack identifies common mistakes C-Suite leaders make and how those are producing sales results difficult. He also shares a “mutual close” technique to recalibrate deals, to navigate “prospect-driven” selling processes and how to 10X results. After listening to this podcast, you want to get up and start reinventing your sales pipeline in the rapidly changing, twisting and turning sales environment – the perfect storm of B2B sales.

Sales Freakonomics: Are you afraid of success or afraid of failure?

Did you know that people not only fear the bad, but also the good? If you were asked, as a salesperson, what scares you more, you’d say “fear of the bad.” That’s logical. However, it so happens that salespeople aren’t actually aware that they fear the good also, and there certainly back it up! ...

Here’s another 27% revenue to improve your End-of-Quarter numbers!

There is no free lunch in life. You already know this! But since you are reading this, you also are an executive leader who understands the costs of revenue and are sensitive to gross vs. net margins. Now, let me ask, are you aware of the costs involved when your reps are in a Quarter-end push to hit their numbers?

Letter to a sales leader: Think…
Show me the Moxie!

How many, “The 8 sales actions you need to take…,” “Top 6 sales best practices…,” “The 5 sales metrics you must have…” and so on have you read? Let’s be honest. Are there are only so many things to do to become different or successful or better? Is life so simple and someone has figured it out? Who are we kidding! We read these articles because they are...

The 3P’s you ought to know in sales

This article is titled: The three most important P’s in sales that every Salesperson ought to know. However, the title could have easily been, “The...

Selling is not B2B. It is and is always one-on-one

Selling is a one-on-one interaction Creating or generating a sale is a matter of how much you have learned about your prospect, how they perceive...

The 8-best Sales Questions to ask Customers

As a sales professional, you know that you must ask effective, open-ended questions when speaking to prospects. It is the only way you can get...

Ask for the Order!

Asking for the order is the same as closing. If you aren’t asking for anything, you are not closing. Without the close, there is no sale. Selling is persuading, not just convincing...

Qualify, qualify, qualify… at every stage

BANT: Confirm Budget, Authority, Needs and Timeline Have you BANT-ed your pipeline? If you haven’t done so till now, you are dead in the water!...

Know your customer, Know how to sell!

If you aren’t using Google or some search engine to find out more information about your prospect before you speak with them, say goodbye to...