Why track sales calls?

It is very important to track sales calls. Calling and speaking to customers is the only way to close deals. Many salespeople avoid calling because they think it is awkward or that they wouldn’t know what to say if someone picks up their call or that they think calling is not as efficient as emails.

“See every single call and text for
every single rep with every single lead,
and what happened in each”

If you care about closing deals easily & quickly (compared to emailing, coordinating physical meetings etc.), then calling is the way to go!

And if you call customers, you must track calls. Why? So that you yourself see how responsive they are, what they talk about informally, where they are coming from and what they need from you.

What is call tracking in sales?

Now the basics.

Call tracking means tracking incoming or outgoing calls that you do with your customers. Here’s a simple way to understand this:

Customers call your number → Call is routed to you through a call-tracking system → You answer

What is different about this is that your customers would never know your personal phone number. They would only know your business phone and when they call that number, they would think they are reaching you at your business number. The Call tracking system routes it to your personal phone.

Why use call tracking?

The best way to understand the why is to understand the why not. If you don’t have a call tracking system, then customers will just call you on your business phone.
“The best way to understand call
tracking is to understand what
happens if you don’t have it”
- George Panoki, SVP Sales, Infusion Graphics
  • If calls come outside business hours, you wouldn’t be there to respond.
  • Business phones do not record calls or allow you to take notes about calls and store them in one place for each call. As a business owner or a person who does sales every day, imagine taking dozens of calls and dozens of call notes like this.
  • How do you remember every phone call?
  • How do you then keep track of your notes, or when the customer called, how often, what was said in each call?
  • What if your customer is more responsive to texts instead of calls?

Imagine how difficult it would be to put all this information together! That is why you need call tracking.

Modern call tracking systems like Salesibyl also use artificial intelligence to make call recordings and provide insights into what is working or not working when you speak with customers. Small business owners can use call tracking to understand how their frontline folks are performing. Likewise, marketing folks can use call tracking to know which leads come from which campaigns – Ads, banners, facebook, brochures, doorhangers etc. – and which campaigns are working better than others.

With Salesibyl, call tracking information will automatically update into any other system you want (e.g., a CRM system). You’ll see every single call and text for every single rep with every single lead, and what happened in each.

You’ll never miss any important info on prospective customers!

  Saturday, Aguest 29, 2020       Blog